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chiropractor newcastle

Thinking about seeing a chiropractor?

Newcastle chiropractor explains all


There is no one café or dining experience that is the same. This is true for a hairdresser, mechanic, medical doctor, beautician and chiropractor. I have observed many people over the years seeking completely different goals and objectives from their care.

The first thing you need to be clear on, is why are you visiting a chiropractor?

Are you after a quick fix or is the bigger picture of spine health important to you?

Are your after care for yourself or advice for a growing and developing family?

spine chiropractorMany don’t realise that a chiropractor has studied for a minimum of 5 years at university and completed at least two degrees before registration. Chiropractic has the reputation as the go to profession for back pain and injuries of the spine. Many people still don’t understand the relationship between the spine and nervous system function. Your nervous system is responsible for the communication between the brain and body.

Chiropractic adjustments can be life changing for many clients. Improving posture, decreasing pain, decreasing tension, increasing adaptability and flexibility in the body and helping people feel more alive. Your body has an inbuilt ability to heal and repair itself, there just needs to be no interference to the nervous system. This is where we come in, supporting a healthy functioning spine.

What’s with the pop?

No doubt you have heard a lot about the “crack”. That pop sound is the release of gas within the joint space as it is stretched. For those of you that cringe at the idea of a pop we have invested infamily health chiropractic state of the art tables that allows us to make gently adjustments to the spine without the occupying “pop” noise. We utilise many different techniques to make sure the adjustment is comfortable and safe depending on the spine we are looking after. For example, an expectant mother at 34 weeks is adjusted very differently to a 34 year old male tradie.

If you are seeking a healthy spine, a better quality of life or you just simply want to get less of a particular symptom, we are positioned to give you expert advice in a supportive family friendly environment.

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