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Sleeping positions to prevent back pain

The best sleeping positions

Newcastle Chiropractor: Consider your sleep position to prevent back pain

On average you will spend about 25% of your life sleeping. With so much of your life spent in bed, it makes sense that an excellent mattress can go a long way towards reducing back pain and improving your nights sleep. Paying close attention to your sleep position is also often overlooked.

Your sleeping position can influence if you stay asleep at night and how refreshed you wake up in the morning. A poor sleeping posture can place unnecessary tension and pressure on your spine, nerves and muscles. Your best sleeping position may also be dependant on any previous injuries you have had. There are certainly no absolutes when it comes to sleeping positions, but hopefully this guide can be a good reference point.

Sleeping Positions Guide.

Back position

This is typically the best sleeping position for the spine. A small pillow can by placed under the knees for support. This position helps unload the stress on the spine and will support the natural  curvatures of the spine.

neck alignment to prevent pain
Ideal neck alignment to prevent pain

Side position

This is another good neutral position for the spine. It can be helpful to place a pillow between the knees to reduce any twisting through the hips and pelvis. It is very important to ensure your pillow is the correct height. Your spine should be straight, too high or low and it will create a kink in your spine leading to extra stress and morning stiffness.

Stomach position

This is the least favourable position for the spine. It is not recommended for those with back problems. It put the spine in an awkward twisted position, increasing the pressure on the spine and muscles. If you sleep in this position, try to use a thinner pillow, also try bending one hip and knee.

Keep in mind that your spine from the side view is supposed to be curved, it’s how your body best resists gravity. Your mattress and pillow is designed to support the natural curves of your spine to help alleviate pain, allowing you to fall asleep faster and wake up energised. If you feel your spine could benefit from a check-up take advantage of our initial 2 visits for just $49 at Family Life Chiropractic.

Here is to waking up on the right side of spine health

David Diehm

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