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Sports Chiropractic


Our team is passionate about helping athletes of all abilities in their pursuit of dreams and goals.

Having a diverse sporting background within our own team, we understand the mindset and values of athletes. We provide tailored sports chiropractic services to professional and amateur athletes of all ages.

Correct alignment of your pelvis, spine and joints is crucial in achieving efficient and sustainable movement. Any asymmetries through the body will create more stress on the tissues and likely result in injury.

Our Approach

Our focus is to provide a thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the injury. We take the time to listen to your concerns and discuss a plan of attack that will provide a quick, yet full recovery from your injury. We understand the time constraints an athlete is likely working with and will regularly converse with other physicians, training and coaching staff to ensure the best possible outcomes for the athlete.

Our sports chiropractic approach is to ensure the correct biomechanics and function through addressing any asymmetry issues. In the kids of today, we often find that postural issues caused by phone and device usage contribute to the asymmetries often more than their sporting endeavors. Once corrected, they body’s natural balance is restored, reducing excess stress that may lead to injuries.

If you have a specific performance goal or have experienced an injury, we have the knowledge and expertise to help get you back in the game. It would be our pleasure to meet and help you.

Athlete Assessment

An injury is often sport specific. When assessing an athlete, we assess endurance, strength and structure. An athlete requires a healthy balance between these 3 components to put their body in the optimal performance range. We typically provide expert help with the structure component. The structure of the body will govern how it will function or move. If the movement is not smooth and efficient, this will increase the likelihood of injuries surfacing.

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