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Newcastle Sports and Injury Massage

Sports massage is an integral part of an athlete’s recovery and injury prevention. Our Newcastle remedial massage therapists are specifically trained to assess your individual needs and apply the correct treatment to gain the best outcomes. We understand each and every athlete has very unique needs and this will vary great depending on age, ability, training load and any previous injuries.

As an athlete you train hard, so it vital to support your body in recovery, repair and in competition. Whether you are suffering from pain and stiffness from an injury or wish to take a preventative approach to your care, we will be able to provide you with professional advice and treatment.

Sports Injury Massage

Massage therapy is an effective treatment method for a wide range of sporting injuries. Once an injury has occurred massage will be able to assist your body in the healing and repair of the damaged tissue. Massage aims to improve circulation, reducing local swelling and muscle spasm, as well as restoring normal joint movement to help in recovery.  We take care of athletes across all sports and ages.

Preventive and Recovery Massage

Our therapists are passionate about assisting athletes like yourself to achieve optimal performance in both training and competition. Many sports can be repetitive and stressful on our bodies. A build-up of stress on tissue can lead to vulnerabilities and eventually injuries. Our experienced massage therapist can identify areas of tension within muscles and soft tissue early. When adhesions form in muscles and connective tissues it can have a significant effect on the function of your body. Once identified, massage techniques can eliminate such adhesions and help flush out metabolic waste after heavy training sessions.

Treatments available

Massage Treatment Fee Options

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60 Mins

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