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Expert scoliosis care in Newcastle

If you suspect a scoliosis or your child has just been diagnosed, it can be a stressful time. It is important that you are informed.

The earlier a scoliosis is detected the more treatment options you have. At Family Life Chiropractic, we have a special interest in scoliosis and can provide expert care and advice.

What is a Scoliosis?

When the spine is viewed from the side it should have 3 curves, however when viewed from the back it should be straight. In its simplest term a scoliosis is a progressive sideway curvature of the spine. Scoliosis can affect both adults and children. In children the curve may progress rapidly as the child grows, so is more serious.

Scoliosis is usually first seen in children between the ages of 11 and 15. There are several different types of scoliosis, the most common being Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. The cause is unknown, however research is suggesting a genetic factor which controls the growth of the spine.

Indicators a scoliosis may be present shown in the image on the right.

Early Detection is Key

Postural changes may likely be the first hint of a developing curve. Posture changes may include, one shoulder or hip higher than the other or uneven shoulder blades. In children, if diagnosed early, options exist to help correct the curve while your child is still growing. If you suspect changes, have your child assessed. There tends to be a family link in the presence of scoliosis.

Our Expert Approach

If a scoliosis is evident, then regular monitoring is strongly recommended. A curvature can progress quickly during the growing years in children. During our thorough approach we will listen to your concerns and take note of what you have observed. We take a medical history and complete physical assessment of the spine. We will measure the degree of curve in the spine and ascertain the likelihood of progression. Imaging may be required, depending on the findings.

At Family Life Chiropractic, we will take the time to sit and explain all findings. The best treatment path depends on several factors, such as the age, developmental maturity, angle of the curves and any personal sporting aspirations etc. Postural issues can sometimes be confused with a scoliosis. It’s important that the type of curve is identified so the best treatment path can be advised.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Depending on several factors, including the angle of the curve we may suggest a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the best outcomes. We therefore have a network of health professionals at our finger tips to offer various treatment options. If scoliosis is left untreated it may require surgery.

Our special interest and experience with curves of the spine has led to further training and study in this area. If you have noticed a change in your child’s spine or have a concern, please get in touch so we can provide you with some expert advice.

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