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Back Pain During Pregnancy

You’re not alone, 50-80% of women during pregnancy will experience back pain. But it doesn’t have to be just tolerated and passed off as “one of those things”. Women who seek our care to support their pregnancy often comment, “If only I had of known earlier I could do something about it”.

Family life Chiropractic has a special interest in caring for families and in particular the expectant mother. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide comfortable safe and effective care to relieve pain during your pregnancy. We have specific training in techniques that best support a pregnant mother.

What causes the back pain?

As the baby develops and grows inside the womb, your spine and pelvis will be adapting and changing. The expansion of thechiropractor newcastle belly will directly affect the spine and pelvis alignment. The change in your centre of gravity leads to an increase low back curve (sway back) and affects the surrounding joints, muscle and ligaments.

“Round ligament pain is a sharp, jabbing pain, sometimes spasms like, on one or both sides of your abdomen”.

What does a chiropractor do?

During pregnancy you must create balance between the spine, pelvis, muscles and ligaments to reduce torsion on the uterus. With the use of a belly pillow to support your growing bub we use a variety of gentle techniques to effectively relieve back and ligament pain.  You may have heard of the Webster technique, this is one method we apply and is very successful with sacrum and pelvis issues.

The hormone relaxin is an important hormone during pregnancy, it will relax and loosen the ligaments, especially in the pelvic area. Ligament laxity can make the pelvic bones very unstable and allow for easy misalignment which can be quite painful. Often past traumas or accumulated old injuries will also influence the pelvic balance.

“Our continued training, experience and knowledge has helped us become one of the most trusted chiropractors in the Hunter for pregnancy care. “

What about the ligaments?

pregnancy pillow
The belly pillow in use

A sacrum (tail bone) misalignment can result in torsion or increased tension within specific pelvic ligaments or muscles. One of these ligaments is the round ligament, it holds the uterus in suspension within the abdomen. It can become thin and tight like a rubber band and is often the cause of sharp sudden jabs of pain in the lower belly. By the second trimester this ligament is often tight enough to start causing pain.

Pregnancy is an exciting period of any woman’s life. In our experience a pregnancy supported by a well-functioning spine and pelvis will be more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re seeking a non-invasive, drug free approach to help support your pregnancy it would be our privilege to meet you.

If you’re ready to benefit from trusted care, take advantage of our current offer at the bottom of the page. We understand you may have many more questions before you even consider treatment with us. That’s why no care is ever undertaken until you are completely comfortable and ready to proceeded.

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