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Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnancy chiropractic services in Newcastle.

There are several physiological changes occurring in your body during pregnancy, all in the aid of preparing the perfect environment for your growing baby. The musculoskeletal system goes through many changes both during pregnancy and postpartum. You will likely notice pelvic changes, increased laxity of ligaments, a changing center of gravity which will result in postural compensations. A common change mums to be will experience is an increased back curve.

Many women during pregnancy seek the care and advice from a chiropractor for various reasons. At Family Life Chiropractic, our treatment tables are specifically designed to accommodate the expecting mother. We also utilise specifically designed pregnancy pillows to provide extra support and comfort for both you and your baby bump.

One of our objectives is to create pelvic balance and alignment during pregnancy. Attached to your pelvis are key ligaments to support the uterus, as the baby grows their role becomes increasing important. If the pelvis has biomechanical balance during pregnancy, the uterus will be supported symmetrically.

We would love the opportunity to support you through an exciting period of your life and assist in making the journey a comfortable one.

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