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Newcastle Posture Experts

Postural issues are becoming more common in our society.

In fact, injuries like “text neck” have climbed dramatically due to the expansive use of devices or screen time. Postural problems appear to be presenting earlier in life and may also contribute to other symptoms like headaches, neck or shoulder pain.

Which posture are you?

Our posture reflects what we do most often. When your body is subjected to constant sitting, device usage, slouched shoulders and repetitive tasks our body adapts and changes. This results in a change to the normal curves of the spine causing pressure, pain and tissue damage. As these changes become more permanent you will notice movement is more difficult, with stiffness and restriction likely to increase.

Identifying Posture Issues

Identifying just one of these postural changes indicates an asymmetry within your spine.

Correcting Posture with Chiropractic

Our approach to your postural issues is a holistic one, encompassing the alignment of the whole body. Restoring the correct function of both the muscles and the joints will allow a normal range of motion to return. As movement returns to normal, we focus on introducing specific exercises and stretches to strengthen and stabalise the spine.

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