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Pain in the Back and Posture

Today’s society is dealing with an ever-increasing epidemic of low back pain and neck pain. Have you ever thought about how much you sit vs move during the day?

The average person will rise from their bed in the morning and sit around the breakfast table. They will then jump in their car or sit on public transport for the commute to work. Once at work, their spine will take up position at their desk where they will sit for an extended period with minimal breaks. The commute home again returns the body to the sitting position. Once at home dinner and some tv normally completes the day with the body finding itself again in the flexed sitting position.

Our spine and posture can and will change depending on what we do most. A change in our posture from its normal alignment leads to uneven wear on the tissue and joints. This will lead to pain and discomfort as our body battles against the extra stress.

Sitting for long periods can lead to poor posture and back pain.

Sitting for long periods cannot always be avoided. You should focus on improving your posture and take regular short breaks during your day.

Tips for creating good posture;

  • Every 20-30minutes take a mini break and get up from your desk.
  • Take a lunch break walk
  • Take the stairs
  • Be aware of your sitting position. Don’t slump, get a lumbar support for your chair.
  • Height adjustable desks allow you to regularly change your position.
  • Schedule an office meeting outside and go for a walk.
  • It is easy when you at work to forget to have breaks, so use an app to schedule a reminder.

If you have more questions about how to manage you posture in the workplace, why not get in contact with family Life Chiropractic. We provide free in-house lunch and learn talks to educate staff on all topics around posture and spine health.

David Diehm

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