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Pain Free Travel Tips

No one enjoys travelling with pain, especially long flights. With the festive season about to kick into full swing, plenty of people with be taking off.

Whether you are driving, taking the bus, train, plane or cruising away this summer, be sure to stay on top of your spine health.  We have complied some great tips to avoid back pain or discomfort while travelling.

Twisting while lifting

This is a very common cause of low back injury. The rotation movement while lifting is one of the weaker positions for the disc and surrounding tissues. Focus on pivoting your feet and moving the whole body rather than just twisting your back.

Travel with support

Proper support for your spine while travelling is vital. Why not travel with your own back or neck support. If sitting for long periods, a lumbar roll will provide support for your low back. A small rolled towel can also achieve the desired support. A neck support cushion will help aid those planning to catch some sleep while ravelling. A neck support cushion will help avoid waking up after that long plane flight with a sore neck. A great range of neck support can be found here https://www.kathmandu.com.au/travel/transit/travel-pillows.html


Your spine is designed to move. No mater how well your posture appears, it still requires movement every 20-30 minutes. Movement stimulates blood flow, bringing fresh nutrients. It will also help prevent injuries to the spine and surrounding tissues.


If your travelling light with a pack-pack, remember to never sling a bag over one shoulder. Always evenly distribute the weight over both shoulders. A backpack should not weigh more then 10% of your body weight. If your packing larger suitcases, take advantage of the wheels. Careful attention is required when lifting your suitcase at a baggage carousel. Don’t lean too far forwards, lift with the bag close to you in a squat position.

Following these simple tips will help you arrive in great shape, ready to enjoy your down time. Thinking ahead about the best ways to make your travel more comfortable will likely reduce the stress and make the experience more pleasurable. Enjoy your Holiday.


David Diehm

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