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Newcastle Massage Therapist Peta Peters


“I am overjoyed to be joining the team at Family Life Chiropractic! “

My name is Peta Peters and I have been a Remedial Massage therapist since 2012.  I love using massage as a way of helping people in pain or discomfort find relief and real solutions to their concerns. Seeing people being able to live a full life again without pain is wonderful indeed.

In recent years, I have taken some time away from my professional career as a therapist to focus on my family. During this time, I have had two amazing children that fill my husband and I with so much joy and love. Running around with them has given me a new level of fitness, and doing yoga with them is pure magic. Spending time with the kids, my husband and our little farm is awesome.

My family and I have made the decision that it is time to return to what I know and love, remedial massage. In my work as a therapist, I achieve immense satisfaction from seeing relief on a client’s face when their pain or symptoms ease. Education around prevention and cause is an important part of my treatments. I enjoy using dry needling and cupping as an alternative and highly effective way to help my clients find relief with RMT.

I am looking forward to starting a new chapter with a great bunch a people! The team at Family Life Chiropractic are highly experienced, offering both chiropractic and remedial massage services. I look forward to helping you into the future as part of the Family Life team.


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