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Newcastle Chiropractor puts focus on Low back Pain.

Low Back Pain – The research.

Back pain treatments are doing more harm then good according to a recent report in the esteemed Lancet medical journal. In landmark research Australian and international back experts assert that back pain has increased dramatically in recent years. It’s now the leading cause of disability globally.

The three papers published in March this year found millions of people are given pointless drugs, surgery and injections.

One third of people had been prescribed dangerous opioid prescriptions. This type of approach is simply ineffective and more harmful to the patient. Continuing down this path is seen as mismanaging back pain.

The research for low back pain treatment is pointing us in the direction of less invasive approaches that support movement. A much stronger emphasis needs to be placed on lifestyle advice for self-management.

Look to the cause, don’t just follow the pain.

Our focus when we first meet someone suffering from back pain is to determine the cause. Pain is like an alarm bell in the body trying to motivate change, the actual cause of the pain is often elsewhere. People come to us all the time having already received a diagnosis, such as a disc injury. The damaged disc is often just the weakest link in the chain. We find the best results come from addressing other areas of tension in the spine and nervous system that have contributed to the problem.

A gentle adjustment to the spine helps re-align and restore the correct joint function, this supports the body’s ability to heal and repair itself naturally. With the stretching of a joint gas is released and a popping sound can be heard. For those of you that cringe at the idea of a pop we have invested in state of the art technology that’s allows us to make gently adjustments to the spine without the occupying “pop” noise.

At family life chiropractic we place a strong emphasis on education. A new clients first 2 visits with us is spent finding the cause of their problem and empower the individual to be able to make an informed decision about their own health.

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