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Corporate Chiropractic

Corporate Health

Are you a Newcastle based business wanting to improve your employee health?

We provide complimentary “Lunch & Learn” workshops for any Newcastle business wanting to improve their employee productivity.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

We have the expertise and experience to support business in the delivery of quality health education and advice to their workforce. Lost time injury due to musculoskeletal issues are on the rise. Our tailored complimentary “Lunch and Learn” workplace talks will help your business navigate this complex area.

If you would like to learn more about the content and advice, we can share in your workplace over a lunch break, please fill in the contact form below. It’s always a privilege to be able to assist business’s that prioritise their employee’s health.

Spine Health at Work

Today more than ever, our working life is impacting us out of the office. As a chiropractor, we see daily the impact a sedentary working life has on our health. Repetitive work habits and behaviors can have a serious impact on our health. The work environment will affect both your mental and physical wellbeing and will often influence your family or personal life away from the working week.

Up to 80% of jobs require some form of sedentary task involving a computer or device. Work place wellness is a concept that is gathering traction with many employers. It is not only healthy for the employee, but the company will benefit significantly as well. Healthy, happier employees will have an increased productivity as well as contributing to a positive company culture.

Our Newcastle health talks are highly recommended to any workplace

David came to visit us at our Honeysuckle office in Newcastle to hold a session on spine health with our Claims and Policy Admin team. The team all have sedentary roles and with more and more automation of office tasks the requirement for them to be up and down and moving around the office has been reduced, so having David come in to talk about spine health and steps to prevent injuries and poor spine health is relevant now more than ever.

The feedback from the team after the session was that they all found it very useful and informative.  Good posture and regular movement/exercises are now both a key focus throughout our working days. Many attendees have also made changes to their habits outside of the workplace. Very useful session would recommend to any workplace.

Bridget Wilks
NIB Head of Claims & Policy Administration – ARHI

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