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Back and Neck Pain

Do you need help with neck or back pain in Newcastle?

Lower back pain and neck pain is a common problem in our society today, it places a substantial burden on the community, both economically and personally. Statistics tell us that 70-90% of people will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime and unfortunately the incidence is only projected to increase. People with back problems report an overall reduction in quality of life, such as low mobility or self-care, severe pain, emotional distress and general poor health.

What causes back pain?

Most low back problems will be related to the bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles and nerves of the spine and pelvis. Abnormal spinal function or damage such as joint strains or degeneration will often be the cause. Symptoms will often start off as a dull ache and can progress over time to a severe, even sharp or constant pain. If the nerves leaving the spine become affected, pain down the arm or leg may also be experienced i.e. Sciatica. At Family Life Chiropractic we are spine care experts. That’s all we do, spines!

As an experienced Chiropractor dealing with neck pain issues, I understand how frustrating and debilitating the symptoms can be. Our philosophy is to uncover and explain to you the cause of your symptom, so long term neck pain relief is more likely. A large portion of neck pain symptoms can be attributed to our sedentary lives and increased use of technology. The postural strain that is placed on our spine and the surrounding tissue by the use of phones, ipads and computers can cause significant damage.

Our principle Chiropractic, David Diehm has over 11 years experience assessing, diagnosing and treating low back pain. The underlying cause of back pain will often reside in the individual’s past, for example, damage to tissues from a sporting trauma, slip, fall or a car accident. Years of stress on the body from poor posture, sitting for long periods, slouching, poor work posture or lifting will also contribute. Women often experience back pain during pregnancy, carrying children repetitively on one hip can also result in stress to one side of the body.

At Family Life Chiropractic we take the time to listen and understand your concerns. Our attention to detail and comprehensive examination process will allow us to accurately explain to you the cause of your problems. You can have peace of mind that each step along the way is explained before any care is undertaken.

Our philosophy is to have you actively involved in your spinal care, we pride ourselves on empowering you to understand the process of healing that is occurring in your body. We find that an informed individual will also gain the quickest and most stable outcomes.

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