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About Us

Skeptic to Chiropractor

Our principle chiropractor David had grown up in a family with a skeptical view to chiropractic.

It was during his final year of schooling that his mother hurt her back so seriously it left her bed ridden. After a long frustrating path consulting many professionals with no results, she turned to the chiropractor as a last resort.

It was the local chiropractor that provided relief and improvements so life could return to normal. This experience inspired David to pursue a career in helping people through chiropractic.

Our Approach

We passionately believe every individual deserves a healthy well aligned spine and nervous system. At Family Life Chiropractic, listening, understanding and helping you achieve great spine health is our priority. We think differently about health and promise to simplify, educate and support you through your chiropractic experience with us.

We know spines and everything about them!

Our team has a strong desire to help people and educate our community about spine health. We believe healthy families can create a healthy community. With 14 years supporting people of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds we are experienced, trusted and professional.

We are Newcastle’s experts at providing care for;

Pregnant spines
New spines
Growing spines
Sporty spines
Working spines
Curvy spines
Ageing spines

If you are new to chiropractic or just not sure what it is that we do, check out our what to expect page. It would be our pleasure to meet you and discuss your health to determine if we would be able to help. If you don’t feel ready to visit us but have some questions, please send us through an email or give our friendly team a call to discuss your concerns.

Yours in Health
The Family Life Team

Meet Our Newcastle Chiropractic Team


Dr David Diehm


I’m a father of two little girls and a husband to a strong and beautiful wife. Like many parents, I have an inbuilt instinct to protect and raise a healthy family. I feel chiropractic has been able to offer my own family so much over the years and I am passionate about sharing it with your family. After studying for 5 years at Macquarie University in Sydney and completing my Master of Chiropractic, I discovered beautiful Newcastle. As a kid from the country, I appreciate Newcastle’s authentic and relaxed atmosphere. I can’t think of a better place to live, work, play and raise a family.

In our down time we are a family that loves the outdoors and exploring what nature has to offer us. My hobbies include running, hiking, woodworking and photography. Capturing the beauty of mother nature and our iconic region with my camera has become somewhat of a serious hobby. David’s photography can be viewed at daviddiehmphotography.com.au/


Caroline Smith

Chiropractic Assistant

Caroline has a background in customer management and natural skin therapy. Caroline welcomes all clients to the centre with her warm smile and a genuine desire to care for you.
As a busy working mum, Caroline knows the importance of maintaining good health and is excited to be working in a team dedicated to assisting our clients to live well.

Caroline and her husband have two beautiful children and are local to the area.  They enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle and love nothing better than packing up the car for a fun family camping trip. “I love living in a city that has something to offer each day. It is a friendly place and a wonderful environment to raise our family.”


Lucy Chaffey

Chiropractic Assistant

Lucy comes from a background in childcare, working closely with babies and toddlers. Nurturing the growth and development of growing spines is something that Lucy is passionate about.

Making all people feel welcomed and at ease in our relaxed environment is important to Lucy, so don’t hesitate to let her serve you and your family in our centre. Moving from a farm in Central NSW, Lucy thoroughly enjoys getting out in the beautiful coastal sun to spend time with her friends and family.

In her spare time, you will find Lucy at the beach, cafes, markets or on many of the wonderful walking tracks around Newcastle. With so much to do and see, Lucy knows the importance of slowing down to make healthy life choices so that she can enjoy life to its fullest.

FLC skeleton profile

Mr Bone Jangles

Chiropractic Mascot

Affectionally known as Bonesy, he has been with us from the start. As a full-grown male skeleton, he stands at 180cm tall. What he lacks in heart he makes up for in character. Often spotted on outings enjoying the Newcastle lifestyle. Bonsey makes it to most of our community events and considers his jokes quite humerus!

Mr Bone Jangles shares our passion for connecting with people and educating them about spine health. He will often use himself as an example. His favorite time of the year is Halloween. He does gets extremely anxious around dogs. Most importantly he is our constant reminder that you can never take life too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine.

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