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Our purpose and passion

Chiropractor Newcastle

At Family Life Chiropractic, we are the spine health experts. We are experienced at assessing, diagnosing, and treating issues relating to the spine and nervous system.

Our passion is a healthy spine and nervous system for every member of the family. We look after spines of all shapes, sizes and ages. Whether it be a new born, toddler, adolescent or adult we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to give you quality advice and peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on an approach that takes the time to listen and understand your health concerns. Our examination process is comprehensive to establish the cause of your complaint. We believe trust in a health practitioner takes time, this is why we offer an initial visit and a follow up for just $49. We get the chance to start to understand your body and you receive the opportunity to see if we are the correct fit for you.

“We prioritise finding the cause of your problem, it’s only then that the solution becomes clear.”


You should understand, the cause and symptom are often two very different things. Pain is the body’s alarm system, it is a symptom to protect you, the cause of the symptom is often elsewhere. Your initial visit with us will take 30-45 minutes. If spine x-rays are clinically indicated you will be provided with a referral to a bulk billing site which will help establish the cause of your problem. During your follow up visit the results of all testing and imaging will be explained to you. A specific plan of attack that supports your goals and objectives will be discussed. Treatment will be provided on both visits, provided it is safe and indicated.

Our purpose is to improve your quality of life through improving spine alignment and joint function. This will help lighten the load on your nervous system which supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

It would be a pleasure to meet you and share our knowledge of the spine and nervous system to improve your quality of life. If you don’t feel ready to visit us but have some questions, please send us through an email.

Yours in Health,

The Family Life Team

For just


you receive

2 Treatment Session

Full Spine & Postural Assessment

Spine X-rays (if required)

Comprehensive Report of all Findings

Full terms and conditions: 1. No expiry on offer. 2. Includes x-rays at external bulk billed site, a referral will be provided if clinical indications warrant a spine x-ray. 3. Treatment is included if clinically indicated. 4. Normal pricing for above services $250. 5. No hidden/extra costs. 6. Offer available to new clients of Family Life Chiropractic.

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