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Common Problems

At Family Life Chiropractic, we take the time to listen to your concerns, through experience we understand your frustrations and are comprehensive in our investigations. Your progress at out center will be driven by your goals and objectives with the help of our expertise, compassion, and support.

Techniques We Use

At Family Life Chiropractic, we draw on a range of different techniques and approaches to ensure you and your family receive the best possible care, which is specific to your needs.  The techniques used by the Chiropractor will also vary significantly depending on the age of the individual. We offer both manual adjustments and instrument adjustments (low force techniques).

Some of the specific techniques we draw upon include, Gonstead Chiropractic, Diversified, Thompson drop table, Webster technique (during pregnancy), SOT Chiropractic, Activator, various rehabilitation protocols and scoliosis rolls.

Common problems that affect our spine include;

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